Yes, jumpstart is just the first name!

My name is Moa Kvist and I am a person who loves new challenges and trying new things. I moved to Spain 2.5 years ago to learn Spanish, I thought it might be good to have. Without knowing it, Spain has become my second home and I absolutely love the lifestyle and atmospheres down here. Everything has slowly but surely fallen into place, but it has been a piece of the puzzle that has been missing until now - finding a fun and developing job. At the beginning of the autumn, I was hired as a "Sales Assistant" at the fantastic real estate agency HomenetSpain. Then I was literally thrown into the industry.

Of course, I had been looking forward to my new job, but never had I been able to believe that it would be such an incredibly fun, exciting and rewarding job. I started my first day and did not really know what my working days would look like, which was a bit foreign to me. Then it just said "bang" so there were tours all over the coast, shops to the right and left, meeting new people daily, new programs, new ways of working and in the middle of it all it felt so heavenly right.

All this thanks to my fantastic guide, manager and "coach" Katja Rise Carlqvist who possesses years of knowledge, an incredible drive and commitment that has taught me so much in just a few months. It has never been so easy and fun to get up in the morning and go to work as now. Even though it has "burned in the knots" and been a lot of work and at the same time a lot of new to take in, it is inconceivable how enormously wonderful it feels when the last piece of the puzzle is put in place. Now we hope that spring will be just as successful!