What a day it was! Last Saturday, the long-awaited Padel and Paella tournament took place in Los Boliches. It was a day filled with paddle, sun, food and laughter - a real success in other words. Mixed ages, nationalities and levels became the recipe for an unforgettable day that we all already long to redo. The tournament itself was a so-called "Americano", they mean mixed women and men who had to play through different "heats" to get all the way to the final. During the break, we ate a tasty paella, before it was time for those who moved on to the next heat to play. We got 2 lucky winners, a man and a woman. Prizes were also drawn for more participants. It was a very nice day and an event like this is perfect for mingling and meeting new people!

HomenetSpain are proud sponsors of this event organized by Cooach and we look forward to next year's tournament right now. If you are interested in joining, just keep an eye out for this next spring, as we will most likely run a favorite in replay.

As we mentioned in previous blogs, there is a huge amount of sports and activities to try. Everything from paddle, tennis, squash, mountain and river hiking, biking, diving, surfing, skiing in the Sierra Nevada, yoga on the beach, sailing, horseback riding, golf and so on. There really is something for everyone! The great thing about the Costa del Sol is that most of these sports can be practiced all year round, we have that thanks to the wonderful climate we have here. It is something you appreciate enormously, regardless of whether you are here on holiday or living here permanently. All sunny days make it so "easy" to be here and you can really make the most of the day, thanks to the amount of sunny days that are here.

Have you been thinking of investing in a holiday home or have you considered moving to Spain? Then come down to the Costa del Sol over the summer holidays and combine views of homes, playan and perhaps your favorite sport!

We at HomenetSpain are here for you and will help you fulfill your dream of living in Spain. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you!