How is the market in Spain right now?

This week I have met several companies that are renting and yes, of course they admit that it has been a tough year, but it still looks hopeful for the coming season. The big difference from previous years is an increased demand for luxurious, large villas, then preferably with a heated private pool, jacuzzi and ping pong table - then you have everything! Also very popular are penthouses with large lovely terraces and of course also with jacuzzi and close to the beach and shops. So it feels good that it is already well booked for the season.

How is the housing market right now in Spain? This week, there have been statistics from the registration authority, Registradores, about an increased interest in buying a home in Spain, among other places. And that only confirms what I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Sales increased during the third quarter of the year by just over 30% compared with the second quarter of the year. Admittedly, it was a rapid decline, but it is still fun, and nice for me in the industry, to see that the market recovered very quickly.

The predicted price slump that some thought would be about 20% or more has not materialized and in the last quarter, prices have even risen slightly. It certainly surprises many buyers who like to come with very low bids nowadays ……

As I said, a lot of sales now take place via facetime or other digital forums, which is fantastic - imagine sitting at home at the kitchen table and going on a show in Spain - not so stupid - no risk of getting sick anyway.

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Welcome to us with your dreams of a home on Costa del Sol!