There is a huge pressure on the housing market in Spain right now! Many people's plans to both travel and move abroad were put on hold during the pandemic. Now that the situation is better, it has led to a high demand and everyone who had to put their dreams aside, picks them up again to finally be able to realize them. Those who did not buy then buy now. It has accelerated the Spanish housing market, which is recovering rapidly. Prices continue to rise and so does the number of purchases. It can also be seen that many of the buyers are Swedes, for example there were 952 Swedish purchases in Spain during the period October-December 2021. An increase of 16.4% compared with the previous quarter. That sales figure is the second highest since 2008, according to a report from the registration authority Registradores.

It is becoming more and more common both among pensioners but also families with children and younger people to buy a home in Spain. In the past, it was mostly pensioners who bought holiday homes to escape the long cold winters to spend the winter in sun and heat instead. Today, many Swedes also move permanently. Considering that there are many who work from home or study at a distance, it is now easier than ever to move abroad, as you may not have to change jobs just before you move. But what do you do if you have children of school age? No problem, there are 2 schools on the coast. One in Fuengirola that offers education from preschool to high school and one in Marbella where you go up to grade 6.

The Sun Coast has been an attractive destination for many years, not least for us Scandinavians. It is noticeable that demand is high as good homes are sold extremely quickly, often by telephone. In addition, the Spanish state chose to extend the so-called transfer tax to 7%, which is usually between 8-10%.

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