The market is very different from what you are used to as a Swede

Another hectic week has passed on the wonderful Costa del Sol, with a lot of customers and fun views, but some have been very messy ……… So I just have to point out the importance of YOU as a buyer not having too many brokers running - preferably just one and then please me ...

The housing market is very different from what you are used to as a Swede - here we work brokers for you as a buying customer and we charge NOTHING to help you find what you are looking for. Our salary is paid by the seller and YOU do NOT get a better price if you go directly to the promoter or search online yourself and contact, what you think may be, the seller. The prices are the same regardless and the principle is based on us brokers cooperating and sharing the compensation we receive from the seller.

Of course, this should not stop you from searching for housing yourself on different websites (of varying quality). Very often they are good at posting new ads but not as good at removing what has been sold. If you find something you like and want to know more about, send a link to the broker you have chosen to work with, DO NOT ask for more information from the promoter, as you will be registered as their customer and we can not help you as easily and good then.

My job as a broker on the Costa del Sol is based on good contacts with other brokers, often local Spanish, but of course I work closely with everyone - we work together to help you as a customer!

Then you need a very good local knowledge and not least very important, the ability to understand and see YOUR needs / desires. My experience is that the majority do not really know what they want. If you want help / guidance on what could suit you depending on how you live, what you like and prioritize, then turn to us who know the coast. I have lived and worked here for almost 12 years, so I have a good view of the different areas, from Nerja to Estepona. Welcome to contact me!