Is summer already over? This is the big question right now in Sweden, after many nice days with the next tropical heat, it has now become a little more normal - 15-20 degrees, changing cloudiness with the risk of showers …….

But for us who live in Spain, it starts now, August is the big holiday month. The cities on the Costa del sol are filled with families from Madrid, Cordoba, Seville or other inland cities. Because here, along the coast, the temperature is rarely over 30 degrees but is about 28-29 degrees during the day and with magically beautiful nights!

The beaches are filled with large families who often bring tents and food in large quantities and are happy to stay there until it is time for a small siesta before going out to eat at 22-23, when the sun has set. I think it is wonderful to see, often it is quite lively and loud but very relaxed and nice how everyone in the family gathers and socializes, old and young. Personally, I like to sit under an umbrella and watch, take a little swim in the hot, salty, water and then I put on the nearest chiringuito (beach restaurant) and work. Some people think it's quirky - I think it's luxurious!

Workation suits me so well and I am sure that more people will discover it. If you are not so fond of the beach, you can find your workation, for example on a nice golf course or paddle course, as virtually all clubs have a nice restaurant in a beautiful environment!

So are you eager to extend the summer a bit and have a job that basically only needs access to the internet, then come down to the Costa del sol, here often has 25 degrees until November, possibly a little longer. Welcome to contact us at - we not only help you find the perfect accommodation but are happy to share our favorite places for recreation and new experiences!