Soon Easter is here and spring feelings are beginning to fade in the air. Spring is a magical season in Spain, not least for the pleasant temperature but also for the spring bloom that so beautifully decorates the streets in beautiful colors.

Easter, or Semana santa "The Holy Week", is not celebrated in the same happy way as in Sweden. In Spain, it is an important religious holiday where people gather in the streets and squares to show Jesus' suffering and resurrection. Here it is a more subdued atmosphere compared to the Swedish Easter celebration with colors, feathers, sweets and Easter bunnies.

Processions are carried out in the streets, which should reflect Jesus' way to the cross. Where members of local associations carry heavy saintly figures on their shoulders through the streets. The pain the men who carry the heavy figures feel should make them think of Jesus' suffering. This task is considered very glorious.

In addition to the processions, this festival of course also means a lot of food and drink, time for loved ones and long-awaited leave for many. At home we have the classic Easter table, but in Spain it is not really the same dishes that apply every year. Depending on where in the country you celebrate, Easter food varies. The focus is instead on eating well and enjoying the holidays.

In Málaga and Seville, this week is grand and lavish with spectacular spectacles and usually attracts millions of tourists and is said to be a memorable experience!

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