Quality of life

- a big word that certainly means different to many. But for me it was one of the reasons why we moved here to the Costa del Sol almost 12 years ago. My parents have had houses since the early 90's and I have spent pretty much all my free time here and as soon as I landed on Malaga airport and I went down the stairs on the plane all the stress disappeared - the calm came and a very nice feeling that what was going on around was not so important. I still live a little like that today - my little bubble. Not always so good maybe, but quite nice.

The light and heat are somehow forgiving, we all feel a little better and are a little happier in the summer, right?

"Why does not the waiter with the bill wonder a stressed Swede", well because here we have something called "sobremesa", ie that you sit still and talk a little in peace and quiet. For me, who is a rather impatient person and thinks that most things can be made more efficient, I now eat out only when I know I am not in a hurry. In the past, every Sunday with the family was holy we played paddle and enjoyed a long lunch. Now it is more often with friends, at least as nice and the lunch usually takes 2-3 hours or more …… .In addition to not being able to stress here, there is an infinite amount to do. What do you want to do? Join the beach, hike, bike, surf, play paddle, golf, football, floorball, ice hockey, ride along the sea, visit historical sites, go to museums, or maybe just go out and eat at a charming little square where a glass of wine costs 2 euros including a tapas, skiing, going to the spa / hammam or lying in the shade with a good book - you name it!

I really love Andalusia here is something for everyone!