Blog 20: Pueblo Lopez and Puebla Lucia - the secrets of Fuengirola!

Pueblo Lopez and Puebla Lucia are both so picturesque and charming residential areas right in the city center. This neighborhood was built in the early 1960s by an English builder who was determined not to give in to the growing trend at the time to build high-rise buildings. Although it is incredible to imagine today, when construction began, this area was surrounded by fields. These small "villages" are located on opposite sides of the road leading up to Mijas Pueblo.

Lopez consists of cute townhouses often with two - three bedrooms and a cozy courtyard. Lucia has beautiful gardens and nice pool areas and most apartments but also a few single houses. Both areas are immensely popular and have become one of the most sought after areas for real estate in Fuengirola. It's like a small village in the ever-growing city. It embraces all the charm of an Andalusian pueblo, whilst all the comforts of the modern city are on your doorstep. The train and bus station are literally a two-minute walk away, as is the main Fuengirola market (fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, etc.).

The neighborhood is very cosmopolitan with some families living in the same house for 30 or even 40 years. This unique village atmosphere so close to the city center has attracted residents from all walks of life, including some well-known artists and writers. Although most of the houses have been renovated over the years, the owners' association ensures that the whitewashed houses, cobbled streets and well-kept patios retain the traditional Andalusian beauty. Since many people still enjoy the luxury of real wood fires in this area, walking through the small cobblestone walkways in the winter is reminiscent of being in a small mountain village.

For many years now, Fuengirola has been proudly displaying photos of the beautiful Andalusian houses and their cobbled streets on the marketing material.