Prices on the Spanish housing market will continue to rise between 2-4 percent in 2023, according to a report from the rating firm Fitch. Costa del Sol is considered to have the most activity of residential sales in the whole country. In Málaga province, a total of 23,270 sales were made last year.

The crisis that affected the real estate sector somewhat enormously in Spain in 2008 made the country one of the most affected in the world. But this time, the country is one of the few markets expected to escape falling housing prices. In Europe, Spain and Italy are the countries predicted to maintain a stable market, and globally, only Mexico is expected to see greater price increases than Spain.

Those of us who live on the Costa del Sol and work in the industry can attest that the pressure is still high here. During the month of December, we had several sales, and the year just started, and there were even more. There are many people who longed to live in a sunnier climate and it has become easier than ever to move without having to change workplaces, as many can work remotely. If you have also thought about moving to the Solkusten, it may be time to realize that dream now! We at HomenetSpain help you from start to finish with a secure transaction.