Now it's the long awaited summer and the sun here and today it's finally midsummer evening. It is a fine tradition with good food, drink, songs, flowers and is perhaps after Christmas the most important holiday for many. Spain also celebrates the summer solstice. It's called Noche de San Juan and it's when you welcome summer that the day gets brighter and longer. It is the shortest night and longest day of the year. This celebration takes place on June 23, the night of the 24th and is a magical experience.

This unique night gathers thousands of people along the beautiful shores of the sun coast to celebrate together, it is a night that consists of rituals and celebrations to the highest degree. You light large fires and the people can bring their own firewood / things they want to burn, including a so-called Jùas. It is a rag doll that according to tradition stands for evil and this is then burned in the fires to remove all evil from one's life. You write down three wishes on a small piece of paper which is then thrown into the fire for them to be fulfilled.

To "burn away" all evil from one's life, one's worries and problems, it is a tradition to skip the fire. Of course it is voluntary!

This is like a big folk festival with music, food and Cava that goes on all night long where young and old celebrate together. At midnight, the people gather along the water's edge and slowly wade backwards into the sea so that all their wishes for the coming year will come true. Also to preserve happiness, health and abundance in life. You also soak your face in the sea water to preserve the beauty.

It is incredibly beautiful to see the bonfires along the coast, people gather with their loved ones and as the "finishing touch" you have a magical fireworks show that lights up the sky so beautifully. This holiday is important for many and it is definitely something that one should experience!

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