Malaga in southern Spain, a historic city redolent of art, culture and a magical climate, not only became the most popular city for expats to live and work in - it snagged first place in InterNation's annual Expat City Ranking. No direct surprise for us who live here, but the location is explained by the city's very homely atmosphere and inviting environment.

Not only did this award-winning city take home the overall top spot, it also ranked highly for its friendly and open-minded locals, as well as its wonderful weather with a whopping 320 days of sunshine a year.

In addition, the city was rewarded for the work-life balance and the range of affordable and very different leisure activities, everything from golf, horse riding, sailing to skiing, made the city a dream to live and live in for many.

InterNations emphasized the importance of welcoming cultures that promote an affordable and enjoyable life. InterNation's Expat City Ranking for 2023 included 49 cities that were evaluated based on feedback from over 12,000 people worldwide. This impressive global representation of 177 nationalities, living in 181 countries, helped create a comprehensive picture of which cities offered the best quality of life. Factors such as quality of life, adaptation to a new environment and personal finances formed the core of the report's assessment. Malaga, with its charm and history, rose to the top of the list, marking not only its own brilliance but also Spain's rising popularity with international residents and workers and global corporations.

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