It is nothing new that the electricity has gone away and that people might think about how to consume it. A big advantage for us who live in Spain is that for large parts of the year we need neither heating nor cooling. Because it is a pleasant temperature both during the day and at night. This means that you do not need to use air conditioning, heating elements or the like, which of course results in a cheaper electricity bill at the end of the month. Then it doesn't get dark until 6pm either, so lights don't need to be turned on at 3/4pm.

Previously, it was not allowed to use solar panels in Spain in your home for various reasons and you had to be fined with a penalty tax if you installed this. In 2018, the legislation was rewritten, the penalty tax was abolished and it became permitted to use solar cell installations for private electricity consumption. So now more and more people are starting to install solar panels and harness the energy from the more than 300 sunny days we actually have here. One of the advantages of owning a home on the Costa del Sol - better for the wallet and contributing to sustainable development for the environment.