If you did not have it during the autumn shopping spree, I have at least good news for you. It has been decided to keep the reduced transfer tax at only 7%. Nor will it be as progressive as in previous years. However, the supply of housing is not quite as it used to be and neither are the prices …….

My little company has sold twice as much as a normal year and I am not alone in feeling this buying hysteria. Good objects go very fast and we have even had bidding on several homes, which is very unusual as in most cases you can bargain a certain part.

A few sellers have also shown a perhaps not so pleasant side and become a little greedy and passed us brokers with our customers. So unfortunately been a bit messy and sad for some customers.

But you should remember that it is still not common, if you have paid 6000 E to your lawyer, you should feel confident that you can buy the home. BUT I want to point out that it is important that it does not take too long to the next step, ie the purchase contract. Then 10% is paid and the buyer and seller enter into an agreement that also entails obligations for the seller, who becomes liable for compensation if he breaks the contract.

If you are still dreaming of a home, do not hesitate to contact us! We monitor the market for you and do facetime viewings, and if you do not know which area you want to be in - talk to us. We have many years of experience from different areas and may be able to guide you a bit depending on what you are looking for. AND if you choose us at Homenetspain, you are with one and the same broker all the time so you do not have to explain and tell what is important to you! We listen, guide and help with the whole process!

A warm welcome to Homenetspain - we are here for you!