Do we have seasons in Spain?

I am often asked if it is not boring not to have any seasons in Spain? Ok, we do not have the same big differences as in Sweden but it changes a lot here as well and with such a fantastic nature that has so much to offer, it is wonderful. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails, beautiful lakes, rivers and exciting areas to explore all year round.

If you long for autumn and its colors, there are very beautiful areas, for example just outside Ronda, where the leaves of the trees change color to intense yellow and orange. Otherwise, it is fantastically green almost all year round and most plants bloom several times a year.

From January to March, the beautiful almond trees bloom in white and pink and then comes the yellow Mimosa - then everything is in full swing.

My favorite time of year is summer - I love the beach and the sea! Many people think / think that it is too hot then, but on the Costa del sol it is rarely over 30 degrees and often a light breeze in the afternoon and the nights are magical, you do not want to go inside.

Late summer is nice, then it is a little calmer with tourists and we get back our beaches and restaurants. This year it has clearly been different but despite Corona, there were a lot of people here on the Costa del Sol, the Spaniards had a holiday home and went to the beautiful and much cooler coast.

It may not be as beautiful out in nature at this time of year, but as soon as the rain comes in Oct / Nov it washes away all the dust and provides new nourishment and suddenly the hills are green again.

Soon it will be winter and Christmas and of course it is difficult to get the real Christmas feeling, but when the Swedish School celebrates Lucia in town between orange trees, you really enjoy the nice Christmas lighting that adorns our streets and squares.

And if you long for snow, the Sierra Nevada is only 2 hours away