How much can you bargain?

This is a question I get quite often and it is unfortunately very difficult to answer. Some have realized that 10% is standard. What it comes from I have no idea, it is possible that it has been so at some point, but it is definitely not standard.

The sale price is set by the owner, some listen to us brokers who have experience, but usually the owner decides completely himself and very rarely takes into account the square meter price, condition etc. As a result, it can sometimes be very difficult to understand pricing, even for those of us who work with it.

You should definitely try to bargain, but also take into account that in the worst case you have to pay what the seller asks for, in some cases more. Feel free to discuss with your broker, they can guide you and our role is to get it at the best price possible and that everyone will be satisfied.

The market is very hot now, so right now it is of course extra tough to bargain. Recent sales have been a very small bargaining chip, 2-5% of the asking price. It all depends on what situation the seller is in, how urgent he is and if there are any loans on the home, not infrequently children or other relatives also get involved in the negotiations as well - it is not entirely to get everyone satisfied.

I understand, of course, that you have to stick to your budget, but sometimes it feels like it's just a principle, you want to feel that you have "won". I hope that you feel like a winner regardless and satisfied and happy that you "got" a new home here in paradise and that it is worth it!

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