Do we sell anything as a real estate agent in Spain?

Hi, how has the week been? Well, I'll tell you - it's been wonderful weather, radiant sunshine and about 22 degrees, so I think all autumn holidaymakers have had a great week! And I have had to lie in like a strap to catch up with all customers who are eager to buy.

I have had just over 30 views …… from Nerja to Estepona, a lot of Nueva Andalucia and Mijas Costa and it has been high and low. From a small simple but cute apartment for 140,000 E to a wonderful luxury villa for 1,250,000 E.

-Do you sell anything then as a broker in Spain? is of course then the next question - and yes we do! In fact, we have sold every month all year, but clearly less in the spring than now, but since September it has basically been one sale per week and I am very happy with that!

Corona is really awful and something we will probably have to pull for a while, but something that is common to most people who buy now is that it has become more ok to work from home and if the home is here in a sunny and beautiful environment or in a greyish Sweden, it matters less. Employers even seem to think it's good to stay away from the office. Plus it's a BUYING MODE, it's only Swedes who travel, but this week I have also had customers from England, France and Belgium ……… .so you are not alone.

If you have such a type of job that can be conducted from virtually anywhere as long as there is internet, do not hesitate to contact us at Homenetspain, and we will help you find a new workplace / home.