Exciting and intense week! Although the schools are now starting in Sweden and the summer is coming to an end, it is still full speed here in Spain. The temperature is a pleasant 28-29 degrees and beaches and restaurants are packed with people from all over the world.

As my closest colleague is on holiday, I have now been busy mainly showing and presenting our own very nice homes. And it's so fascinating that buyers really do come from pretty much all over the world - Italy, England, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco, Hungary, Poland and Spain of course are all examples of customers I had the honor of meeting this week . What also strikes me is that most people are no longer just looking for a holiday home, but a permanent home with plenty of space and are happy to bring the whole family here. The pandemic has left a clear mark and many have realized the advantage of working from wherever you want/can.

On the Costa del Sol there are several good international schools and universities. In addition, there are 2 Swedish schools if you want to follow the Swedish curriculum, one is in Marbella where you can go to year 6 and a slightly larger one in Fuengirola which also offers studies at high school level. But places are scarce, so think about having your children there in good time.

It is also being built like never before and granted permits increased by 22% compared to the same period last year. However, lack of materials and late deliveries affect the development somewhat and mean that prices are expected to rise.

Unemployment is the lowest in 14 years and in Malaga large companies such as Google, Capgemini, Ernst and Young and others are investing in new large modern offices.

So while there are fears of a recession, there are strong underlying trends influencing where people want to stay, live and work!

Live in paradise - why not?

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Katja - Homenetspain