More and more Europeans are investing in homes along the beautiful Solkusten. However, many people think about buying something later. Something like "when we retire..." or "when we have more time...", which is reasonable. It is a big investment and you naturally want the home to be used in time. But another way of looking at it is to invest in a home, even if you don't have the opportunity to use it that much right now. Rent out the property in the meantime and turn the home into an additional source of income until the day it is time for you to start using it more privately. It is a smart investment if you have the opportunity.

On the Costa del Sol, there are no tenancy associations in the same way as in Sweden. It is therefore not so easy for young people to move away from home and considering that many do not have the finances to buy a home here, there is a great need for homes to rent. Not to mention all the millions of tourists who visit the coast annually, winter and summer. Here there is always a high pressure on renting properties, both long-term and short-term rentals. We at HomenetSpain help you find the best areas for renting and guide you with what might be good to think about when choosing a place to buy a home.

It is easy to take care of the rental even if you are not there yourself. We put you in touch with professional property rental companies that help you with the entire process, to get the best results for you as the owner of the property as well as for the guest. They handle everything from marketing, booking guests, cleaning/maintenance, key handover and registering the guest with the local police. If you want to be in the home yourself certain weeks/days of the year, you can of course block that period for your own use.

A holiday home investment here not only gives you sunny days and long beaches, but can also be an additional source of income!