Buy in Spain without having seen the property

Oh what a week I had, it has really been fantastic fun. On Monday my customers came down to inspect and approve the purchase of a home that I have shown them via facetime, so it was really exciting. It's a smart way to find a home - send me out and film!

So after facetime and videos, my customers felt that this would fit and therefore they chose to reserve it and pay the deposit of 6000 Euro which is the usual to reserve, ie take the home from the market here on the Costa del sol. This money is secured in the lawyer's client funds account until the client has decided. And if you do not want to go further, you get back the full amount.

It is important when making this type of reservation that you enter the reservation contract that it is "subject to inspection" and that you set a date to announce whether you want the home or not. You can often "hold" the home for about a week, ten days so you have time to come here and make a decision.

It's always so nervous when I make this type of sale / reservation. I think I am even more clear about any disadvantages that the home may have, so they do not come here with the wrong expectations - I want it to be a positive experience. In this case, I did not even have a back-up plan, as I really could not find something that I think could suit them better.

Thankfully it felt perfect for them and they said YES! So then it was just to book an appointment with the notary with the lawyer and a meeting with the bank. Now they are home again and I think they are happy and also had time to enjoy a little sun and swimming!