How does Spanish healthcare really work? Yes, there are many who think about it, among other things, before taking the step and moving to Spain. In fact, Spanish healthcare is the third best in the world, after Hong Kong and Singapore. If you are worried about what will happen when you move to Spain, you can relax! There are several ways to go about it and there are even private Swedish-speaking health clinics to choose from.

If you come to Spain as a Tourist, you have access to free Spanish healthcare if you have the European Health Insurance Card / EU card. This applies if you become acutely ill or in an accident. What can also be good to keep in mind when you come to Spain as a tourist is to take out travel health insurance through your home insurance before departure. With it, you can then turn to any private doctor.

If you are registered in the country and have Residencia, you have access to free medical care and are automatically connected to the Spanish social health care. Social security. Here you get the same benefits in healthcare as a Spanish citizen.

There are also many who take out private health insurance, even though they have access to free health care. This is because with private healthcare you avoid healthcare queues and long waiting times and get care much faster. It is also a good solution for those who do not yet master the language, as mentioned earlier, there are private Swedish-speaking doctors. However, you have to pay for the private health care yourself.

Should you become acutely ill or that an accident occurs, the same emergency number applies as in Sweden, 112.

However, something that is not included in the Spanish healthcare is dental care. The patient is responsible for it, but like most other things in Spain it is much cheaper than in Sweden.

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