One of the advantages of living in a warm country is of course that you have many hours of sunshine per day and that for most of the year it is good and pleasant weather. Which leads to me noticing that I get active in a completely different way and can "use the day" to a completely different level! Now I'm just comparing myself here, but would think it's more or less the same for many others. If it is sunny and warm, I get a completely different energy and desire to invent something. For example, I have completely changed my approach to something as simple as Sundays. From thinking that Sunday, which still meant a holiday, has been a bit sad and gray. Until I moved to Spain and now long for Sundays as it is the perfect day to go to the playa, hang out with family and friends, go on a day trip, etc. This Sunday I went with my family to Caminito del Rey. It is a hiking trail through a ravine that runs along the mountain wall about 100 m above the ground. It was originally built in 1901 to transport materials and people through the mountains to a power plant located on the other side of the mountain. The trail has been renovated and made a safe and secure route. It was a fantastic experience to see Andalusia's wonderful nature and mountains which also have an interesting history behind them. In addition, it was so easy to get there, about 1 hour by car / bus from Fuengirola.

Many at home in Sweden ask me what I think is the best thing about living in the sun, and it is clearly the "simple life" that naturally comes from the fantastic climate down here and the opportunity to take advantage of everyday life in the best way!

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