This week, a Swedish couple came down to us who had been thinking for a long time about buying a holiday home here on the Costa del Sol. They have friends and acquaintances who live here so it was pretty obvious to them which area they want to live in. Before the couple came down we had contact and started the search together online. They had their "wish list" ready with their requirements and budget. We found homes that fit well with their wishes and booked tours for 2 days. We went around together and visited different homes and areas and weighed the pluses and minuses. In these situations, I act as a guide and sounding board all to find the best option. They were looking for something where they could spend their holidays in peace and quiet, a home with a lot of natural light and with a sunny, spacious terrace to relax on. Day 2 we found the one that now became their future holiday home and who knows, maybe even permanent housing in the future. It is located in a beautiful and lush area called Miraflores. Which is well known for all its beautiful flowers and because it is so incredibly well maintained. A tropical setting, with lovely pool area and walking distance to the beach. I do not think they are alone in wanting to spend more time like that!

We at HomenetSpain are happy to help you through the entire process so that you get a safe and good deal. Do not hesitate to contact us for more questions, we are here for you!