Hope you are all enjoying the summer and the heat regardless of whether you are in Spain or Sweden.

In the middle of the fantastic high summer, you prefer to avoid thinking about work and the office. However, you know that everything has its time and soon enough it will be time to return to work again. Then it might be good to know how the "mobile office" can work in Spain.

We bought our "Happy Spot" in Spain in the summer of 2020. A fantastic two bedroom apartment in scenic Miraflores on the Riviera del Sol, between Malaga and Marbella. An apartment in a well-kept gated community, with two large, nice pools and with both sea and mountain views. A dream that came true and a reality that surpassed the dream.

My work as a salesperson means that the workplace is flexible and can be controlled a little depending on planned activities. During the pandemic, everyone who could was encouraged to work from home, which worked well at our workplace.

During the pandemic, we found new ways to meet in various digital forums. This was then a necessity, which then continued as a possibility even after the pandemic. Although today we can see each other physically, we often choose digital forums. This is to save both time and the environment. The world has shrunk. For me, this means that I can manage my assignments wherever I am, as long as the technical conditions exist. A few times a year, I therefore choose to go to the apartment in Spain and work from there. We have fiber into the apartment and pay €15 +VAT per month for fast internet connection. Team meetings, email, VPN connections etc work in the same flawless way as at home in Sweden. In addition, flight prices are usually cheap during the low season, plane tickets under SEK 1,000 are not unusual as many of the airlines compete and fly frequently to Malaga.

What a blessing to wake up one day in late October, go out with a cup of coffee on the terrace and enjoy the crickets while booting up the computer and getting ready for a day of work. For me, a working day in Spain usually means digital meetings and phone calls in the morning, a 10-minute walk down to the promenade, lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, a walk along the beach before I go home to continue with meetings in the afternoon. The evening can mean a dip in the pool before preparing some good food and crawling into the sofa to watch a series via Smart TV.

Quality of life which in my case benefits both employers and employees. Being able to use your accommodation in Spain throughout the year, while the motivation for work is at its peak. The best of both worlds.

Spain and the sunny coast are wonderful all year round. I especially remember one occasion when we were lying by the pool in December before we went into Malaga to go to the Christmas market. Magically!

Don't hesitate to follow your dreams. Living on the Sunshine Coast is an investment. An investment in yourself in terms of quality of life and well-being. Hopefully, it is also an investment purely financially.

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