Even though I have now lived in Spain for several years, I never cease to be surprised by the incredibly good prices. In the grocery store, I pick among all the fine ingredients such as fish, fruit and vegetables, cheese and more. I walk out of the store with full bags and think many times that the shop assistant must have missed wrapping some item.......As it always feels like it was much cheaper than it should have been.

The range of different restaurants with high quality food at very reasonable prices is plentiful. In most restaurants you can have a 3-course meal with drinks such as wine, beer or soft drinks for a cheap price, in many cases both as lunch or dinner, a so-called Menu del Dia, and they usually cost about 10-15 € per person. Isn't that amazing?

Food and drink, activities, services, sports, cinema, clothes, transport, furnishings and other things for the home are also cheap... It is also much cheaper to renovate your home here. I feel that all this makes it "easier" to come up with things and requires less planning. In my opinion, this also contributes to a more social life with more hours outside the home. As many Spaniards say, they live "en la calle", i.e. on the street - which does not mean that they are homeless, but rather that they spend a large part of their days outdoors/outside the home. Being one of Spain's cheaper cities, Malaga is considered one of the best budget choices to spend your holiday in Europe. The city is known for being a "cheap big city" where you simply get a lot for your money.

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Comparison of prices Sweden VS Spain, NOTE no scientific study and the prices can of course vary.

1 l milk: Sweden approx. SEK 17.50 / approx. SEK 8.44 Malaga 1 bottle of wine: Sweden approx. SEK 89 / approx. SEK 17.63 Malaga 12 pack eggs: Sweden approx. SEK 39.95 / approx. SEK 13.14 Malaga Avocado: Sweden approx. SEK 70.88/kilo / approx. SEK 45.95 /kilo Malaga Orange: Sweden SEK 32.95/kilo / SEK 10.58/kilo Spain